Veteran Mix

Veteran Mix

Pure Veteran Mix contains elevated levels of minerals and vitamins and a soft chop for easy chewing. It has been designed specifically for older horses who have a higher need for vitamins and minerals. With quality protein and extra slow-release calories, it helps senior horses who are still in regular work or require extra assistance maintaining condition. Like our other feeds, Pure Veteran Mix is great value because the balancer is also included.


    Pure Veteran Mix is formulated for senior horses that need extra help maintaining condition or are still in regular work.

    It provides a ration of slow-release calories to help maintain weight. Older horses generally have a higher requirement for vitamins and minerals due to decreased efficiency of absorption in their gut. Therefore, Pure Veteran Mix contains elevated levels of vitamins and minerals to help with this. You’ll also find it contains quality sources of protein which are easily digested to help maintain muscle tone and topline.

    Pure Veteran Mix is low in sugar and starch which means it is suitable for horses with Cushing’s or those that have had laminitis.

    Older horses often have poor dentition which makes it difficult for them to chew. With Pure Veteran Mix we have thought of this too and added a soft chop which helps with this. It really is a complete feed for your older horse.

    Because Pure Veteran Mix already has a balancer optimised for senior horses, this one feed contains absolutely everything your horse nutritionally requires. It’s simple to buy, simple to feed and great value.

    Feeding rate

    400-600g per 100kg of body weight depending on condition and work done

    Dampen well with water before feeding

    Supplied in a 15kg bag


    Digestible Energy 9.8MJ/kg Vitamin B2 22mg/kg Copper 37mg/kg
    Protein 13% Vitamin B6 22mg/kg Manganese 55.6mg/kg
    Oil 7% Vitamin B12 0.1mg/kg Zinc 81mg/kg
    Fibre 27% Vitamin C 14mg/kg Selenium 0.4mg/kg
    Starch 3% Vitamin D3 2834iu/kg Iodine 0.7mg/kg
    Naturally occurring sugar 4% Vitamin E 355mg/kg Salt 1.1%
    Calcium 0.54% Vitamin K 4mg/kg Lysine 5g/kg
    Phosphorus 0.18% Folic Acid 35.7mg/kg Methionine 1.4g/kg
    Magnesium 1.5g/kg Biotin 5.3mg/kg Choline 35.4mg/kg
    Vitamin A 14174iu/kg Niacin 99mg/kg Profeed 3.5g/kg
    Vitamin B1 73mg/kg Naturally ocurring Iron 20mg/kg Brewers Yeast 1.2g/kg


    • Grass Chaff
    • Grass Pellets
    • Oatstraw Chaff
    • Oatfeed Pellets
    • Pure Balance
    • Rapeseed Oil
    • Unmolassed Sugar Beet
    • Salt

    Free from:

    • Molasses
    • Wholegrain Cereals
    • Alfalfa
    • Nutritionally Improved Straw (NIS)

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