Pure Treats are high-quality, palatable rewards for your horse or pony made with the purest ingredients. They are suitable as healthy treats for any horse that you want to indulge.  Pure Treats are low in energy, low in starch and have no added sugar.


    Pure Treats are the Pure Feed way of giving your horse a tasty morsel. That means natural, healthy, palatable and great value. Pure Treats are made from a mix of herbs, grass pellets, limestone flour, oat-feed and wheat-feed. Horses love them.

    They are molasses free with no added sugar and are low in energy. Therefore you can treat your horse without the fear of fizzy behaviour. Because they are also low in sugar and starch, they are suitable for horses with Cushing’s, laminitis and gastric ulcers.

    Pure Treats are the healthy and wholesome way to reward your horse. At under £4 per bag and with discounts available for bulk orders, it’s a great idea to stock up on these 2kg bags and keep them handy for when you want to treat your horse or pony.


    Digestible Energy 7MJ/kg Calcium 0.4% Zinc 76mg/kg
    Protein 8% Phosphorus 0.1% Iodine 0.05mg/kg
    Oil 1.8% Magnesium 0.03g/kg Salt 0.59%
    Fibre 30% Naturally occurring Iron 210mg/kg Lysine 0.12g/kg
    Starch 5% Copper 3.85mg/kg Methionine 0.06g/kg
    Naturally occurring sugar 2.9% Manganese 24mg/kg    


    • Oatfeed
    • Grass Pellets
    • Wheatfeed
    • Mixed Herbs
    • Salt

    Free from:

    • Molasses
    • Wholegrain cereals
    • Alfalfa
    • Nutritionally improved straw (NIS)

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