Pure Stud contains higher levels of vitamins and minerals in a Pure formula that still retains high fibre, quality protein and low starch content. This makes it ideal for breeding horses and youngstock which have an increased requirement for these nutrients. It is the perfect recipe for healthy growth and development in an all-in-one bag.


    Pure Stud is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of working stallions and pregnant or lactating mares, as well as their youngstock. Its elevated levels of vitamins and minerals mean that you can rest assured your horse will receive all the nutrients they require during pregnancy, growth or while simply at work.

    Pure Stud was the original feed developed by our founder Lou for her stud farm – and it stands the test of time. As with the other feeds in the Pure range it contains the chaff, pellets, balancer and oil all in one bag. This makes it a convenient choice from till to trough, as well as great value for a high-quality diet.

    Pure Stud uses oil as its main energy source. This releases energy slowly into your horse’s body which helps to instil calm behaviour. Its high fibre content is great for maintaining digestive health. If you want the best feed for your young or breeding horses, choose Pure Stud.

    Feeding rate:

    400-600g per 100kg body weight per day depending on body condition.

    We recommend that you dampen well with water prior to feeding.

    Pure Stud is available in a 15kg bag.


    Digestible Energy 9.8MJ/kg Vitamin B2 24mg/kg Copper 40.5mg/kg
    Protein 13% Vitamin B6 23.7mg/kg Manganese 60.6mg/kg
    Oil 7% Vitamin B12 0.1mg/kg Zinc 88mg/kg
    Fibre 28% Vitamin C 15.4mg/kg Selenium 0.4mg/kg
    Starch 3% Vitamin D3 3088iu/kg Iodine 0.8mg/kg
    Naturally occurring sugar 4.5% Vitamin E 387mg/kg Salt 1%
    Calcium 0.54% Vitamin K 4mg/kg Lysine 5.6g/kg
    Phosphorus 0.19% Folic Acid 39mg/kg Methionine 1.5g/kg
    Magnesium 1.7g/kg Biotin 5.8mg/kg Choline 38.6mg/kg
    Vitamin A 15440iu/kg Niacin 107mg/kg Profeed 3.9g/kg
    Vitamin B1 79mg/kg Naturally ocurring Iron 22mg/kg Brewers Yeast 1.4g/kg


    • Grass Pellets
    • Pure Balance
    • Grass Chaff
    • Oatstraw Chaff
    • Oatfeed Pellets
    • Rapeseed Oil
    • Salt

    Free from:

    • Molasses
    • Whole Grain Cereals
    • Alfalfa
    • Nutritionally Improved Straw (NIS

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